Copy Traders & Algos on your own Account

The Veleta Trading Hub has developed a secure way to follow their successful traders and algorithms with robust risk management tailored to your risk profile.

Veleta is fully transparent and shares their weekly results of the AI-based algorithms into a selection of markets.

Veleta Trading Hub will show the backtest of the algorithm compared with the LIVE results it’s obtaining.

After 4 years of fine-tuning the algorithm, on the best-in-class Trading Platform (Metatrader), you can automatically follow the algo trades on your own personal trading account.

You are always in complete control of your funds and the risk parameters. The strategy can be run on a spread bet or CFD account with any account size.

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The 2022 results speak for themselves

The Trendhunter strategy has been backtested over the last 15 years and under live conditions for the last 2. The strategy performed last year at over 87%

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Veleta Hub Trading Results 2022

Trendhunter Algo +87%
Trader Stan